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Excursion to AKCHOUR

Program of the tour Chaouen / Akchour

The grace and mysterious charm of Chefchaouen have their origin in Hispano-Moorish culture. Its treasures remained hidden and cherished for hundred of years. As night falls on its rose-pink tiles and walls, the town’s history stirs. Its winding streets, sparkling fountains and gardens echo with strange and enchanting sounds. It must certainly be one of Morocco’s most delightful spots. The blue and white town appears at in the road with its 20 old mosques and sanctuaries. The holy town of Chefchaouen breathes an atmosphere of profound serenity. Walk around the Kasbah, the Medina, the jewish quarter, the berber souk and the artisan quarters.



Nature lovers and fan of hiking, this tour is made for you ​​! Akchour you discover the heart of the Rif Mountains and Will marveled at the pristine green, quiet WHERE the  beauty are combined harmoniously with colors and scents of this beautiful northern region. Will you the chance to admirer the famous Bridge of God, Who is the UN of the Memorabilia of the blue bead paths. He Genty mander time Oued Farda , in amount Towards a lush landscape Where the natural arch of Pont emerges Offer We pay no grandiose spectacle.


05h00   :      Departure from Tangier city  (beside Mosque M5 – Iberia Station)

07h30   :      Breakfast on the beautiful nature beside the  barrage of  “Al nakhla“

09h30   :       Continue the road to Akchour

10h30   :       Visit to the  touristic site  «Akchour» , guided hike in the Talassemtane National Park to visit the famous case – cade (swimming ) and the paradise of God Pont.

14h00   :       Lunch on the beautiful nature with a traditional meal (Bio)

16h30   :       Travel to Chafchaoune.

17h30   :       Shoping and Walk to visit the most attractive corners of the city chouanne : Ras El Maa, the Andalusia streets, kas- bah.

18h30   :        Soothing in touristic Coffee in kas- bah.

20h:00  :        Back to Tangier.



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